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What is Contract Packing?

Contract packaging or a contract packer is a company that packages products such as retail goods and promotional items on behalf of their clients. The contract packer provides a wide range of packaging services including shrink wrapping, labelling and mailouts.

Contract packing services include:

  • Collating and preparing product sample kits for distribution. These can be distributed by Australia Post, a courier or company representative.
  • Over labelling . This is necessary where product liability or government requirements have changed. Over labelling is also available for correcting misprints in the original label design.
  • Product mail outs for product distribution or competition fulfilment.
  • Kit compilations for trade shows or conferences.
  • Product sample or marketing distribution of products to company representatives, Australia-wide.
  • Shrink wrapping for add-on promotional products, added product bonus packs or for repacking product.
Contract Packing Sydney

Why use a Contract Packing provider?

3 reasons to use a contract packaging supplier:

  1. Lower overheads and expansion:
    Contract packing suppliers are effective in saving your business money on equipment, storage space, packaging and employees. Without having to invest in these materials, you can expand your production without any limitations.
  2. Packaging / distribution expertise:
    Experienced contract packing suppliers can provide expert knowledge and support for you to extend your product range and promotional items. They can provide the most cost-effective options for packing/shipping new products and can assist with re-branding your existing inventory.
  3. Seasonal items / big profits:
    An efficient and reliable contact packing supplier will save you lots of time and money on facilities and staff if you have a seasonal or short-term packing requirement.

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How to choose the right Contract Packing partner for your business.

6 options to consider prior to choosing a contract packing supplier.

  1. Proximity
    Is the contract packing facility close to your business or close to where your goods will be shipping from? Close proximity to your location is important if you want to meet with the management of the contract packaging company. Close proximity to where your items are shipping from is important to keep shipping costs down.
  2. Cleanliness
    Does the contract packing facility meet the necessary certifications and requirements for your products? It's important that your items are kept in a clean warehouse to maintain clean stock. Are the warehouse floors sealed and polished?
  3. Flexibility
    Is your contact packing supplier committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure your job is completed successfully? How flexible are they in achieving your job requirements if there are any interruptions or delays? There are many common interruptions in the packaging process and your supplier needs to be flexible in their approach in order to deliver your job on time.
  4. Experience
    Contract packaging companies with an experienced team will reduce errors in your orders which will save you money. An experienced contract packing team can anticipate any issues to ensure your particular needs are always met.
  5. Capacity
    Is there enough space to package your product? Is there enough warehouse space to accommodate your packed items until they're ready to ship?
  6. Customer Service
    How easy is it to communicate with your contact packing supplier and how fast can they process your order? Good communication with your supplier is crucial to maintain a profitable and successful business relationship.

What is the general turnaround for Contract Packing?

Contract packing orders at CoPak are fulfilled in a timely manner which is ideal for our clients with promotional product distribution requirements.

How flexible are you in working towards my specific requirements?

We are always ready to cater for the specific requests of our clients and work efficiently to achieve their timelines. When you partner with CoPak, it's as simple as telling us your requirements and we'll deliver the products.

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