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Warehousing & Contract Packing Services

Established in 2000, we are a trusted provider of contract packing services located in the Sydney region. We provide product packing and finishing services for a range of businesses.

Our contract packing services include the following:

  1. Prepare product sample kits for distribution to clients. Product sample kits can be distributed via a company representative, mailed out with Australia Post or delivered by courier.
  2. Providing product over-labelling where product liability or government requirements have changed. Over-labelling is also available for correcting misprints in the original label design.
  3. Product mail outs for competition fulfilment or product distribution.
  4. Kit compilations for use at conferences or trade shows.
  5. Sample or marketing distribution of products to company representatives, Australia-wide.
  6. Shrink wrapping for add-on promotional products, added product bonus packs or for repacking product.

Our contract packing orders are fulfilled in a timely manner which is ideal for our clients with promotional product distribution requirements. We are always ready to cater for the specific requests of our clients and work efficiently to achieve their timelines. When you partner with CoPak, it's as simple as telling us your requirements and we'll deliver the products.

Accurate and reliable contract packing services

We undertake regular training of  our warehouse staff in the need for accurate, clean, well packed goods that are dispensed on time.

We understand that accurate contract packing is critical to client confidence.

At CoPak, our staff understand your product and know the difference between brochures, leaflets, posters, premiums and sample products. We are always able talk to your personnel and pass on accurate information because we will know your products first hand.

Complicated orders are picked and prior to being packed, are checked for accuracy by another team member to ensure the order is correct. Our continual goal is to achieve quick deliveries with no customer complaints.

Delivery of products

Once products have been packed, more than half of our clients nominate CoPak to handle their delivery service which we are always more than happy to organise. Alternatively, many clients negotiate their own delivery rates and open accounts directly with the delivery companies and we take care of all contact with their delivery company of choice. We call for pick-up, print out delivery address labels and complete the shipping manifests as required. The customer only has to pay the bill.

For more information about delivery of products, please see 3rd Party Logistics (3PL).

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Our warehouse storage and packing solutions are the preferred option for many Australian businesses.

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