Company Profile

CoPak - Warehouse, Contract Packing, 3PL Specialists

Our History

In 2000 the directors of Concept Partners, which had been in operation since 1974, found that many of their major clients in the promotional business had significant delays in obtaining deliveries of marketing materials from their own warehouses.

They decided to start a warehouse operation to offer a maximum shipping time of 24hrs from receipt of order, or same day where possible. This warehouse operation was named CoPak and nearly 15 years later, we are proud to offer this same service to clients.

Expansion and the need for a bigger, cleaner warehouse

In 2006 it was decided that the old warehouse was not suitable for our growing client base so we found a new warehouse that was being built. This new building has an additional two metres headroom for extra storage space and a larger floor area. We were able to have the concrete floors sealed before we took possession which has made cleaning a much simpler job. We also installed a “quick close” roller door to help keep dust out of the warehouse ensuring that our warehouse is very clean at all times.

CoPak is a clean warehouse licensed by the NSW Department of Health

This cleanliness is important as we hold a Licence to Supply by Wholesale Poisons and/or Restricted Substances for Therapeutic Use issued by the Department of Health, NSW. This licence strictly calls for cleanliness and regular pest traps for cockroaches and vermin.

Our People

CoPak Principles

The principles of CoPak are Graham and Colleen McGinley. Colleen is in charge of the accounting and Graham is in constant contact with the warehouse staff and initial contact with sales enquiries. Graham prepares quotations and is accountable to all clients.

Warehouse General Manager

The day to day running of the warehouse is in the capable hands of our General Manager, Mr Patrick O’Connor. We were very lucky to find Pat when we started the business in 2000. He is the nuts and bolts of the operation with his skills and knowledge of warehousing making him an indispensable asset to the company.

Senior Warehouse Person

Known as “Deputy Mario”, Mario Maldonado is our senior warehouse person. He the stand-in for Pat whenever we can make him take a holiday. Mario has been with us for 10 years and his accuracy and reliability makes him a quality member of the team.

CoPak Philosophy

Our company philosophy is simple - Service, Service, Service. The client is to be considered before all else.

Our on-the-floor warehouse staff are constantly being trained in the need for accurate, clean well packed goods, dispensed on time. Complicated orders are picked but not packed until the order has been checked for accuracy by another staff member. Quick deliveries, without customer complaints, is our goal.

We have customers who started with us in 2000 and are still with us today. Referral business is what we like and we are fortunate enough for this to be growing.

CoPak are ready to partner with your business.

Our warehouse storage and packing solutions are the preferred option for many Australian businesses.

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