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What is Pick and Packing?

Pick and packing is frequently adopted in the distribution of retail goods. It involves processing products (from very large to very small quantities), picking the relevant product for each delivery destination and re-packing the item/s with a shipping label and invoice.


Reliability is the most important aspect of any pick and packing service as customer confidence can only be earned through open communication and consistency.

Why do I need pick and packing services?

Outsourcing your pick and packing is vital to the ongoing success of any retail or online business as it's the most cost effective solution to the logistics process. Warehouse employees are required to adhere to a strict system of procedures so every order is picked and packed correctly, every time.

What kind of businesses use Pack and Packing services in Sydney?

There are a wide range of businesses using picking and packing services. Online shopping and eCommerce websites can benefit greatly from the automated process and shipping options of a pick and packing supplier. Inventory is stored at their warehouse so when an order comes in,  the warehouse will be forwarded the order to pick, pack and ship the purchase on behalf of the online business.

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3 advantages of using an experienced Pick and Packing provider

  1. Cheaper shipping rates
    Due to the fact that pick and packing warehouses ship a large quantity of items for multiple clients, they receive very competitive logistics rates which are passed on to their clients. Their relationships with shipping companies and couriers will ensure you receive the best possible shipping rate for your requirements.
  2. Quick shipping times
    Carefully selecting the location of your warehouse pick and pack supplier can have a big impact on shipping times. Having your inventory close to the bulk of your customers will result in quicker shipping times.
  3. Inventory software
    It's always important to know exactly where a customer's order is within the process and a good warehouse will have the software that allows you to keep track of your orders and stock levels at any time.

Pick and Packing accuracy is critical to client confidence

Our warehouse staff are regularly trained in the importance for accurate, well packed, clean items that are dispensed on time. CoPak staff are reliable in the picking and packing of your orders. They understand your products and are always available to discuss your inventory or marketing materials.

Experienced Pick and Packing teams ensure accuracy

Since 2000, we've streamlined our processes to ensure greater accuracy and reliability in our services. Complicated orders are picked and prior to being packed, are checked for accuracy by another team member to ensure the order is correct. Our continual goal is to achieve quick deliveries with no customer complaints.


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