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Pick and Packing

Pick and pack services are commonly used in the distribution of retail goods. It involves the processing of small to large quantities of stock, picking the relevant items for each destination and repackaging these items ready for shipping.

At CoPak, we take pride in ensuring the efficient and accurate retrieval of stock as well as our speed and reliability in packing.

Pick and Packing saves you time and money

Save time and money with our pick and packing services. We'll fulfil your order with 12-24 hours of receiving it and our tried and test process ensures that you'll never waste money as the result of a warehouse pick and pack mistake.

Personalised Pick and Packing services

All new pick and pack clients are allocated a CoPak staff member who will work directly with your nominated personnel. This has the advantages of our staff developing individual skills and memories of client products, any special handling or control of product and stock levels etc.

Accurate and reliable Pick and Packing

As the nominated staff members develop communication skills with the client, responsibility and accountability grow hand in hand with familiarity and personal pride in a job well done.

We understand that accuracy at Pick and Pack is critical to client confidence.

We  regularly train our on-the-floor warehouse staff in the need for accurate, clean, well packed goods that are dispensed on time. Our staff will understand your product and know the difference between brochures, leaflets, posters, premiums and sample products. We are always able talk to your personnel and pass on accurate information because we will know your products first hand.

Complicated orders are picked and prior to being packed, are checked for accuracy by another team member to ensure the order is correct. Our continual goal is to achieve quick deliveries with no customer complaints.

What is the turn-around time for Pick and Pack services?

We currently operate on a 12 working hour turn-around on stock in storage.

When the directors first started the business in 2000, their main goal was to offer a maximum shipping time of 24hrs from receipt of order, or same day where possible. Nearly 15 years after setting this goal, CoPak are proud to still offer this same service to clients.

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